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Working with Uverse and DNS. Part 1 – Installation and Testing

Help for new customers, and a first week review of AT&T Uverse.

Too big to function

When AT&T announced that they were bringing Uverse service to my neck of the woods,  I found myself checking their availability web page more often than I checked my old rusted mailbox. It was only a matter of time before my dreams of tripled internet speed came true.  I’m pretty sure I simultaneously shouted in joy, signed up for service, and possibly peed – just a little. I’m a bit ashamed, but how else can I explain it? For a techie, the anticipation created by “faster internets” is equal to a junkie knowing he is about to triple his supply. It was probably that same geeky-level of anticipation that made AT&T’s gloriously botched install job all the more painful. In typical “too-big-to-function” fashion, it took no more than two “IP-DSL tier 2” tech-support phone calls, five on-site tech visits, and ten days of waiting before they finally got me up and running.  Not exactly smooth transition from DSL, but I was confident that together AT&T and I could thaw that icy start into water under the bridge.  All I needed to do was witness my first Uverse-delivered web page.  Continue reading Working with Uverse and DNS. Part 1 – Installation and Testing