Wolfram’s facebook report – Personal social analytics

I haven’t visited Wolfram Alpha in years, but I have fond memories. It was a major contributor to my passing score in multivariable calculus.  Thankfully, my lack of patronage hasn’t slowed down the good work of physicist and founder Mr. Stephen Wolfram. Today the team at Wolfram announced another scientific breakthrough.  Wolfram Alpha is now capable providing a full social analysis of your facebook activity.  That’s right!  Think you’re a social outcast?  Now we can back that up with HARD data.They are calling it a facebook report.  You can get your report by visiting the site and typing facebook report into the search bar.


The website will redirect you to facebook and ask for your permission to gather data and build your report, but the resulting explosion of graphs, drill down data, and infographics is totally worth it.


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